[MacRuby-devel] Problem with latest macruby stable and unicode regexp

Caio Chassot lists at caiochassot.com
Sun Apr 3 14:52:56 PDT 2011

On 2011-03-27, at 13:05 , Glenn Gillen wrote:
> regexp `[\u{80}-\u{D7FF}\u{E000}-\u{FFFD}\u{10000}-\u{10FFFF}]' compilation error: U_REGEX_BAD_ESCAPE_SEQUENCE (RegexpError)
> Any ideas what I can do apart from forking Sass and opting for the 1.8 compatible regexp?

MacRuby ditched Oniguruma in favour of ICU regexps. They're mostly compatible but not 100%.

Here's the ICU equivalent for that pattern:


It uses the \uhhhh and \Uhhhhhhhh notation. It seems the \u{h…} notation is not supported. It also seems that Oniguruma does not support the ICU style.

If you want to patch sass in a compatible way I'd look into just pre-expanding the escapes into actual characters before building the regexp. This seems to work fine in both 1.9 and MacRuby:

 s = "\u{80}-\u{D7FF}\u{E000}-\u{FFFD}\u{10000}-\u{10FFFF}"
 r = /[#{s}]/

Notice I used double quotes for the string, so what you get is a string with actual unicode chars in it, not escape sequences. The r regexp built using that string seems to work correctly in both rubies. At least it evaluated without error.

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