[MacRuby-devel] XCode 4 and ObjC bundles

Julien Jassaud sojastar07 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 10:29:10 PDT 2011


A while back I tried to port some ObjC examples to MacRuby ( github.com/sojastar/Some-MacRuby-sample-code ). I had to leave parts dealing with C strings in an ObjC bundle that is required in the MacRuby code. The ported samples' building process was a bit complicated with XCode 3 :

1) clone from github
2) run the ObjC bundle Makefile. The Makefile also copied the compiled bundle at the proper location in the build directory.
3) build the project in XCode

An inelegant process but it was working fine.

Now that XCode 4 adds some random string to the build directory's name I don't know how to point the Makefile to the proper location for copying the bundle. So my question is : what is good practice when it comes to ObjC bundles and MacRuby in XCode 4 ? Is there a way to automate the whole bundle build / copy process ? I tried to modify the "Compile" scheme's "Build" step by adding a pre-action script to it but I don't really know what to put in it. I couldn't even run the Makefile from it.

Julien Jassaud  

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