[MacRuby-devel] Framework name restrictions?

Michael Groble michael.groble at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 14:32:08 PST 2011

I had a problem using one of my own frameworks in MacRuby.
 gen_bridge_metadata was giving me the following:

Received exception: can't convert nil into String:
/usr/bin/gen_bridge_metadata:573:in `+'
/usr/bin/gen_bridge_metadata:573:in `encode_includes'
/usr/bin/gen_bridge_metadata:2091:in `handle_framework'
/usr/bin/gen_bridge_metadata:882:in `prepare'
/usr/bin/gen_bridge_metadata:882:in `each'
/usr/bin/gen_bridge_metadata:882:in `prepare'
/usr/bin/gen_bridge_metadata:721:in `parse'
/usr/bin/gen_bridge_metadata:2252:in `new'
can't convert nil into String

After some debugging, I found out it was because my framework was named
"audio-utilities" and the code in handle_framework expects the framework
name to match the regular expression (\w+) which doesn't support the dash
character.  Xcode doesn't complain about that name.  Are frameworks
supposed to conform to a particular naming convention or is
gen_bridge_metadata being too restrictive?

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