[MacRuby-devel] MacRuby scripting bridge speed

Bernard Kenik renard at nc.rr.com
Fri Dec 23 10:43:48 PST 2011

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> From: Steve Clarke <steve at sclarkes.me.uk>
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> Subject: Re: [MacRuby-devel] MacRuby scripting bridge speed
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> I have used macruby-appscript  and it works fine.  I had developed quiet a few apps with rb-appscript and I was able to get them all working with the macruby version.  A few things needed change but I was able to write apps that used either macruby or MRI versions of appscript.  Only a few methods in my "library" code needed to check at runtime which version was being used.
> Steve

Would you please provide how you installed object_c-appscript?

The rb-appscript manual is rather vague on how to proceed after downloading object_c-appscript.

I used rvm to install macruby 0.10.0. Do you know how to change the setup.rb that comes with macruby-appscript 
to properly install macruby-appscript.

Thank you for any assistance you may provide.


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