[MacRuby-devel] MacRuby scripting bridge speed

Stephen Horne fatste at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 18:15:47 PST 2011

Hi bbiker.

It's actually very simple to set it up, I just found it confusing 
because I, like Steve, have very little idea about Xcode and frameworks 
and the like.

So download the source files from 

I got the whole repository, as it also includes ObjC-Appscript 

Open up the Xcode project found at 

The thing that took me a long time to work out was how to make it build, 
and the problem was in the build settings. I had to change the base SDK 
to one that was installed on my machine, then it would build.

To do that you click on the blue project file at the top of the tree on 
the left in Xcode, then choose "Build Settings", then choose the SDK you 
want for each of the builds found under "Base SDK".

I've taken a screenshot that you can see here 

I then took the resulting folder called Appscript.framework and dropped 
it into /Library/Frameworks.

You can then add this framework to your Xcode projects in the "External 
Libraries" bit.

Before you can do that though, you need to install MacRuby-Appscript:

cd into the /macruby-appscript/trunk directory you got from github above 
and run 'sudo macruby setup.rb'

These steps got it all working on my machine.


> Steve Clarke <mailto:steve at sclarkes.me.uk>
> 24 December 2011 12:06
> It's some time since I set this up so my recollections are a little 
> hazy. Objective_c appscript comes as an xcode project that builds the 
> Appscript framework. I think I managed to use it in xcode without 
> really knowing what I was doing! Stephen may be better source as he's 
> done it recently.
> It's probably worth pointing out the issue that was raised elsewhere - 
> namely that appscript is no longer supported or developed and is not 
> recommended for new projects. This applies just as much to the Obj_C 
> and macruby variants as to the rb-appscript gem.
> Steve
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> Bernard Kenik <mailto:renard at nc.rr.com>
> 23 December 2011 18:43
> Would you please provide how you installed object_c-appscript?
> The rb-appscript manual is rather vague on how to proceed after 
> downloading object_c-appscript.
> I used rvm to install macruby 0.10.0. Do you know how to change the 
> setup.rb that comes with macruby-appscript
> to properly install macruby-appscript.
> Thank you for any assistance you may provide.
> bbiker
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