[MacRuby-devel] The Future of MacRuby

Eloy Duran eloy.de.enige at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 10:16:05 PDT 2012

> I was wondering if there would be benefit to writing (a) Generator(s) ala' Rails' "rails" script for the stubbing out of apps and m,v,c ? Imagine:
> facet new <application name>
> facet g model <AwesomeModelName!>
> Thoughts?

I had started on rewriting my tools for that for MacRuby, actually based on the same way Rails does it (Thor). It creates applications based on the actual Xcode templates and thus the resulting project is fully Xcode compatible. I never got far enough and won't be working on it any time soon, so if anyone wants to use that as a starting point, go for it! I’d still very much would like to see this released :)



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