[MacRuby-devel] Using Virtus or SmartProperty as outlets?

stephen horne fatste at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 15:46:16 PST 2012

Hi Carolyn,

I can't help with Virtus or SmartProperty, but I think for MacRuby to recognise an outlet in your code you need to use 'attr_accessor', not 'attribute'.

Maybe you could use the various types of input fields to ensure the values are numbers or strings, and then query their stringValue or integerValue.

Hope that helps.
Stephen Horne

On 21/11/2012, at 20:04, Carolyn Ann Grant <carolyn.ann.grant at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've done a bit of Googling, but couldn't find anything on this. I'd like to use something like SmartProperties (for lightweight situations) or Virtus (when I absolutely must have industrial-strength validations, etc) as outlets. My experiments, such as they are, aren't helping me any! What, if anything, am I doing wrong?
> My experiments are basically: 
> require 'virtue'
> class TestClass
>  attribute :test_attr, String
> end
> And then I try to "wire" up a text field from IB to the attribute; the result? Nothing happens.
> Basically, I need to make sure that when I ask for an integer, I get an integer. And when I want a string - I can reject anything but strings. But sometimes I'd like the "defaults" capability of Virtus & SmartProperty, and I'd definitely like the industrial-strength validations of Virtus when I'm working against the database. 
> In MacRuby terms, am I addressing the right problem!? Did I miss something in my Googling?
> Thanks in advance!
> Carolyn
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