[MacRuby-devel] Mavericks and Macruby

Matthias Neeracher neeracher at apple.com
Sun Nov 3 12:58:12 PST 2013

On Nov 3, 2013, at 3:44, macruby-devel-request at lists.macosforge.org wrote:
> From: rob ista <rob.ista at me.com>
> Something seems to be broken since the upgrade to Mavericks. Macgems don?t want to load anymore: 
> Robs-iMac:~ rob$ macgem list
> /usr/local/bin/macgem:9:in `<main>': undefined method `summary_indent=' for class `OptionParser' (NameError)
> This is just an example. A ?require macgems? followed by e.g. ?require uri? results in similar errors.
> Anyone any clue? 

I investigated this a few months ago. The immediate cause of the breakage would not be terribly hard to fix—there was a change to the caching behavior of the Objective C runtime, so MacRuby would have to be changed a bit.

The bigger problem I found is that MacRuby relies on a version of llvm that by now is quite dated and no longer builds with current clang, and upgrading to a newer llvm appears to be non-trivial (Although this is not really my area of expertise).


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