[SmartcardServices-Users] How can I specify alternate OCSP URL in OCS X?

Beck, Keith M CDR ACNO NGEN, OPNAV N099 keith.m.beck at navy.mil
Tue Jan 5 05:59:02 PST 2010

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>No.  Mac OS X enforces what is in the certificate, because that is what
>be absolutely validated.
>There are third-party products which have incorporated additional
>to rewrite/process the Cert Revocation URI found in the Cert to a
>*configurable* URI -- allowing you to go from CRLDistribution Points to
>Extensions (for OCSP).
>Shawn Geddis
geddis at mac.com
>Security Consulting Engineer

The certificate URI is fine for me.  Is there a way to accept an OCSP
reply when the responder is using a self-signed root and isn't in the
chain of trust for the certificate/CA? There is probably a good reason
to the DoD OCSP certificates, but OCSP always fails for me, causing the
huge delays for CRL download.


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