[SmartcardServices-Users] Storing Keychain data

SB Tech sirgadabout1 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 11:05:16 PST 2012


I looked into using a Smart Card for authentication purposes in my
SOHO, but came away disappointed by its interaction with Keychain
Access.  Specifically, because it took the top position in the
Keychain list, it assumed the Login keychain's duties; but because I
was unable to store passwords directly on the Smart Card (eg. wifi
passwords) I found myself having to authenticate a second time, to the
Login keychain.  In the meantime, there was no automatic
authentication of login services such as connecting to wifi or
mounting of secure disk images.

So, my question is: how does one go about using a Smart Card to store
Keychain Access-specific data, so that the Smart Card "dynamic
keychain" can more fully perform the functions required on login?

At the moment, I'm not concerned with any particular Smart Card or
software solution, I'm more interested in knowing whether it's
actually possible.


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