[Tokend-Dev] Building Tokend on Leopard?

Henry B. Hotz hotz at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Mar 16 10:57:43 PDT 2009

Can anyone tell me how to build the latest Tokend on Leopard?

It has dependencies on three frameworks that aren't on the system or  
in the Leopard SDK.

When I try darwinbuild I get the following:

laphotz:smartcards hotz$ sudo darwinbuild -init 9G55
Downloading http://svn.macosforge.org/repository/darwinbuild/trunk/plists//9G55.plist 
Download complete
Initialization Complete
laphotz:smartcards hotz$ sudo darwinbuild Tokend
*** Fetching Sources ...
libsecurity_cdsa_utilities - 52 files registered.
Downloading http://src.macosforge.org/Roots/9G55//libsecurity_cssm.root.tar.gz 
Downloading http://src.macosforge.org/Roots/9F33//libsecurity_cssm.root.tar.gz 
Downloading http://src.macosforge.org/Roots/9E17//libsecurity_cssm.root.tar.gz 
Downloading http://src.macosforge.org/Roots/9D34//libsecurity_cssm.root.tar.gz 
Downloading http://src.macosforge.org/Roots/9C31//libsecurity_cssm.root.tar.gz 
Downloading http://src.macosforge.org/Roots/9B18//libsecurity_cssm.root.tar.gz 
Downloading http://src.macosforge.org/Roots/9A581//libsecurity_cssm.root.tar.gz 
ERROR: could not find root: libsecurity_cssm
laphotz:smartcards hotz$

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