[Tokend-Dev] TokenD issue on MacOS X 10.6

Giuseppe Amato gam at bit4id.com
Thu Nov 5 09:09:41 PST 2009


since the tokend binary I'm using on 10.5 doesn't works anymore on 10.6, 
also on 32 bit hardware, I'm trying to rebuild tokend.
I've a problem similar to that reported here [1].

The smart card keychain and all objects can be seen in KeyChain Access 
application, but when I try to make a signature an error is returned.
actually the most detailed error I got is:
CSSM_SignData returned: 8001082E

Error: 0x8001082E -2147416018 CSSMERR_CSP_INVALID_ACL_ENTRY_TAG

The system never asks me the PIN.

To make it simpler I've modified the BELPIC tokend to became a 
completely software tokend, that is accepts any card the use keys and 
certificate located in files.
The behavior is the SAME sa my tokend.

So I think that is just a build problem...
I'm using currnet darwinbuld from trunk, xcode 3.2 and I'm initializing 
darwinbuld on the build id 10B504

Anyone was successfully in building ad using a tokend on 10.6? Can you 
help me?


Giuseppe Amato
gam at bit4id.com

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