[Tokend-Dev] TokenD issue on MacOS X 10.6

Henry B. Hotz hotz at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Nov 17 18:19:46 PST 2009

I appreciate the detail.  Sorry it didn't work.

I tried some time ago under 10.5.  Also failed.  Sorry, don't remember the build id's I tried.

Tangent 1:

I'd like to say this as gently as possible, since I do understand the difficulties of integrating a lot of separately-developed pieces like this, but:  I find it ironic that OToneH Apple encourages me to build a software pkcs11 library directly as a tokend, but OTotherH Apple makes it difficult to build tokend's.

Tangent 2:

Wasn't there a sample tokend project once that would make a pkcs11 library appear as a keychain to the system?

On Nov 5, 2009, at 9:09 AM, Giuseppe Amato wrote:

> I'm using currnet darwinbuld from trunk, xcode 3.2 and I'm initializing 
> darwinbuld on the build id 10B504
> Anyone was successfully in building ad using a tokend on 10.6? Can you 
> help me?

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