[Tokend-Dev] error: dlfcn.h: No such file or directory

William Siegrist wsiegrist at apple.com
Wed Oct 21 10:08:44 PDT 2009

On Oct 20, 2009, at 12:22 AM, Ludovic Rousseau wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to add a tokend to the existing tokend from Apple. The
> goal is to upload it on macosforge.org. My tokend uses dlopen() and so
> #includes dlfcn.h. My problem is that this header is not found:
> /Volumes/BuildRoot_10B504_20091012115357/SourceCache/Tokend/Tokend-36720/PKCS11/FooToken.cpp:15:19:
> error: dlfcn.h: No such file or directory
> I guess I need to add a dependency on dyld by creating an Info.plits
> like the one for SmartcardCCID [1]. Is that correct?
> Where should I put the Info.plist file and what to put inside?

I'm not a Tokend dev, but as the darwinbuild maintainer: 

Looks like the Tokend side of the project does not have a darwinbuild plist. You could create one following the SmartcardCCID plist as an example.  I don't see "how to build Tokend" instructions on the wiki, so it might be good to add that as well when you do this. 

The plist should look just like the SmartcardCCID plist, with Tokend substituted in, except the dependency list can be copied from the "official" darwinbuild plist below. If you are adding a new Tokend module(?) that builds as a separate project, then it would be a sibling of Tokend in the project list of the plist. If this is additional code to Tokend proper, then add dyld to the dependency list you copied for Tokend. 


Hopefully that makes some sense,

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