[Tokend-Dev] PIV Auth with CRL Checks

Shawn A. Geddis geddis at mac.com
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On Jul 21, 2010, at 2:54 PM, Bram Cymet wrote:
> Hi,
> I hope this is the right list to send this to and if it is not please let me know where the right place would be.
> I have successfully got PIV cards working for login and screensaver access under Snow Leopard. The problem I am having is that it seems to ignore the fact that Keychain Access sees the certs on the cards as being revoked.
> Is it possible with the current Tokend/Smartcardservices to make it so that if a cert has been revoked that a person using that card is no longer able to log into the system? Or will I have to make some modifications to get this functionality working?
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> Bram Cymet
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This list is specifically for Tokend Development and your question is a User Question in the use of Smart Cards on a Mac OS X System.  I will cc the User's list in my response, but keep in mind that this particular list is for those "developing" a Tokend.

You will need to explain which method you are using for Client Authentication:
	• PubKeyHash		- Does not require that the Certificate itself has not been revoked
	• Attribute Matching	- Leveraging attribute(s) from the cert on the card to determine which DS Account to Authenticate against
	• PKINIT (SSO to DS)	- Validates the cert / cert chain locally as well as authenticates to Kerberos KDC with that Certificate.

Which method are you using ?

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