[Xquartz-dev] X11 2.1.0

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at berkeley.edu
Sat Dec 1 19:41:09 PST 2007

> Looks good!  It seems to install cleanly on my system.   Eventually,  
> we may want to add a README or some explanatory text.

Yeah... and the license file as well...

> Only minor nits I noticed:
> 1.  What's the difference between xvfb and xfake?   How about xnest  
> and Xephyr?   I'm asking, because I'm trying to figure out what we  
> (Apple) need to pick up for a future update.

I dunno... I just work here...

> 2. Is there any reason we can't go ahead and call this X11R7.3 in  
> the About box?

X11R7.3 includes xserver-1.4 and many other changes (which are gonna  
go into X11.app 2.2 ... check the ChangeLog I have in the wiki).   
xserver-1.3 was intermediate between x11r7.2 and 7.3

> 3.  We should probably refer to this package as "X11" (as opposed to  
> X11User), because it includes parts of what would traditionally go  
> into the SDK package (the man pages for functions, and the header  
> files).  That's perfectly fine; I see no reason to bother with  
> splitting it into two packages.

Ok, I just noticed that the package was called X11User.pkg still in  
the Leopard install, so I wanted to keep that the same... I'll change  

> 4. It'd be super-spiff to get the Dock icon for Xquartz thing in,  
> but being able to pass arguments to X11.app is probably good enough.

I'll take a look at that again and see how easy it is to include.

> Eventually I want to get us hooked up with Sparkle, but this is more  
> than good enough for our first "release".  Looking good!

Yeah, I figure we'll do 2.1.1 sometime in a couple weeks.  I just want  
to get something out there with all these fixes we do have rather than  
keep delaying for "one more fix" forever.

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