[Xquartz-dev] Re: Xquartz-1.3.0-apple3

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at berkeley.edu
Fri Dec 7 16:35:28 PST 2007

I can't reproduce it.  I don't have a large image here to test it  
with, and creating simple ones (all white, a few lines, etc) doesn't  
seem to crash it.  I execute /A/Gimp.app/Resources/bin/gimp (or /A/ 
Gimp.app/C/M/Gimp seems to work now, but it didn't start the first  

Then do File->new, set to 4000x3000, duplicate the layer 10 times with  
the button.
Then click on 'File' in the image window.
Works here.

Can you put your image up somewhere (you can attach it to a bug report  
on trac)?  Maybe it needs to be a sufficiently complex image for some  


On Dec 7, 2007, at 14:11, Simone Karin Lehmann wrote:

> Am 06.12.2007 um 05:15 schrieb Jeremy Huddleston:
>> I've just pushed Xquartz-1.3.0-apple3 to the server and source code  
>> is uploading now.  wiki will be updated soon.
>> Pretty much the only change users will notice over 1.3.0-apple2  
>> (from X11- is a hook to disable fbBlah calls.  If you  
>> have been experiencing crashes in fbFill or other calls that start  
>> with fb, then try this out and let us know how it works for you:
>> Start Terminal.app and  execute:
>> $ touch /tmp/disable_fb.txt
>> Now launch X and try to crash it.
> This doesn't work for me.
> I've tried it and I can still get X to crash in fbBlah routines.
> I'm using Gimp. You can download it from http://gimp.lisanet.de/Website/Gimp_unter_Mac_OS_X_files/Gimp%202.4.2%20Leopard.dmg
> Now open an image with big dimensions. Mine is a 3474x2314 tiff image.
> Duplicate the background layer twice by clicking on the duplicate  
> layer icon in gimp's toolbox window.
> Now click on the menu text in the image window _without_ first  
> clicking on the image window's title bar.
> Crash.
> Works every time :-(
> FYI: I use the click_trough feature of quartz_wm.
> Simone
> -- 
> in the arms of your angel, you may find some comfort here.

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