[Xquartz-dev] The 2.1.0 package and Apple System Fonts

Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Sat Dec 8 06:44:58 PST 2007

Ben Byer wrote:
>>>> In short, this is another big mess in Leopard.
>>> I would say a few missing man pages does not constitute a big mess.
>> I would say changing a user interface in an incompatible way and 
>> reducing functionality(*) without documenting it does.
>> (*) The Tiger fonts.conf file has the system font directories in its 
>> font directory list, the Leopard fonts.conf hasn't.
> I'm not sure what you mean by "changing a user interface in an 
> incompatible way", but "reducing functionality without documenting it" 
> implies that there was some conscious decision to do make a change.


I realize that this came over as unfriendlier than it was meant. I only 
stated how this looks from a user perspective, repeating the beginning 
of this thread: fontconfig doesn't show system fonts any more, it cannot 
be configured in the same way as before, and it is not easy to find out 
how to do it now. I don't want to blame you, and I certainly don't want 
to contribute to discouraging you (and Jeremy) from keeping up the good 

I still hope the discussion was useful. For me in any case it was, I 
learned a few things about the new fontconfig I didn't know before.


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