[Xquartz-dev] The 2.1.0 package and Apple System Fonts

Merle Reinhart merlereinhart at mac.com
Sat Dec 8 18:24:07 PST 2007

On Dec 8, 2007, at 8:41 PM, Ben Byer wrote:

> On Dec 8, 2007, at 11:14 AM, Jeremy Huddleston wrote:
>> On Dec 8, 2007, at 07:11, Merle Reinhart wrote:
>>> So, apparently, something didn't quite work right after  
>>> X11-2.1.0.pkg was installed until a reboot.
>> Hmm... with the .pkg, I set 'fc-cache' to execute on boot, so if  
>> anything, that is possibly the problem.  I'll put fc-cache into  
>> postinst.
>>> Note: this fixed up the fc-* commands, but the server still only  
>>> see a few fonts, but I seems to me that this is now understood (I  
>>> have a lot of X11 apps that I use that rely on the fonts that the  
>>> xserver provides, so it is inconvenient at times which is why I  
>>> was trying to understand).
>> It only shows ttf, I believe.  I think otf and dfont are not  
>> supported (can someone verify this as I'm only about 50% sure).
> Ok.  Let's figure this out, for reals.
> If I go and run "sudo mkfontscale /System/Library/Fonts /Library/ 
> Fonts; mkfontscale ~/Library/Fonts; sudo mkfontdir /System/Library/ 
> Fonts /Library/Fonts; mkfontdir ~/Library/Fonts; xset fp default;  
> xset +fp /System/Library/Fonts,/Library/Fonts; xset +fp ~/Library/ 
> Fonts; xlsfonts | wc -l" I get 9141 fonts as a result.  (Obviously,  
> this will depend on how many Mac fonts you have installed.)
> 'cat /usr/X11/lib/X11/fonts/OTF/fonts.dir' lists 24 fonts, so it  
> seems to support OTF.
> I have a Zapfino.dfont in my /Library/Fonts directory;  after the  
> above command, I see it listed in fonts.dir:
> Zapfino.dfont -linotype-zapfino-medium-i-normal--0-0-0-0-p-0-iso8859-1
> However, 'xlsfonts | grep -i zapf' produces no output. Hmm.

I played with this some more doing what you did above.  Then looking  
at the Fink applesystemfonts package, there is a comment there that  
the .dfonts have to be converted to .ttf to work with X11 (they use  
their fondu package to do this).  I installed this package, but they  
weren't seen by xlsfonts.

I ran the mkfontscale and mkfontdir on my /System/Library/Fonts and / 
Library/Fonts directories (no ill effects this time).
xlsfonts | wc -l gives me 7750 fonts, but I can only see the true-type  

However, I then did a xset +fp /sw/lib/X11/fonts/applettf (this is  
where the converted fonts and symlinks to the system ttf fonts  
lives).  Now I see all the fonts as well as zapf.  xlsfonts | wc -l  
produces 8997 fonts as a result.

xfontsel also now sees them as well (it has 13433 names matched),  
including the Zapfino fonts (as fink converted the .dfont to .ttf).

Unfortunately, when I restart the server, I then have to readd the  
Fink path with the converted fonts (this may be something for  
my .xinitrc or is there somewhere better to put this?).


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