[Xquartz-dev] Reverting from 2.3.0-rc4 to 2.2.2

Jim Martin jim at daedelus.com
Mon Jun 16 21:48:38 PDT 2008

	Please forgive the user-ish question, but how do I cleanly revert  
from 2.3.0-rc4 to 2.2.2? I mistakenly installed the 2.3.0 variant  
after upgrading to 10.5.3, and have run into various issues (stuck  
ctrl and lack of .xinitrc invocation in particular). I noticed the  
file list in the .bom under the Receipts directory ... should I simply  
remove everything that's a file or an empty directory listed there and  
do a clean re-install of 2.2.2? Do I need to go back and install the  
virgin Leopard X11 package first? Is there a script hidden somewhere  
that can do this easily?

	Again, my most abject apologies for bugging the developers for such a  
dumb-user question!

	Thanks very much!

	- Jim

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