[Xquartz-dev] Reverting from 2.3.0-rc4 to 2.2.2

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at apple.com
Mon Jun 16 21:55:14 PDT 2008

Well first of all, please report these issues and help get them fixed.

~/.xinitrc should be getting executed.  Can you please tell me what  
the output of 'ps x | grep xinit' is.

The stuck control keys issue exists in 2.2.x as well, unfortunately.

You can just install the 2.2.2 package and you should be fine.


On Jun 16, 2008, at 21:48, Jim Martin wrote:

> Gentlepeople,
> 	Please forgive the user-ish question, but how do I cleanly revert
> from 2.3.0-rc4 to 2.2.2? I mistakenly installed the 2.3.0 variant
> after upgrading to 10.5.3, and have run into various issues (stuck
> ctrl and lack of .xinitrc invocation in particular). I noticed the
> file list in the .bom under the Receipts directory ... should I simply
> remove everything that's a file or an empty directory listed there and
> do a clean re-install of 2.2.2? Do I need to go back and install the
> virgin Leopard X11 package first? Is there a script hidden somewhere
> that can do this easily?
> 	Again, my most abject apologies for bugging the developers for such a
> dumb-user question!
> 	Thanks very much!
> 	- Jim
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