[Xquartz-dev] Time Machine Backup Alert

Louis Zulli zullil at lafayette.edu
Tue Jan 6 08:12:59 PST 2009

Yes, this happen to me with about the same frequency. I think Jeremy  
is aware of the issue, and has promised a beer (or case of) to anyone  
who can figure it out.

On Jan 6, 2009, at 10:35 AM, Richard Tobin wrote:

>> Yeah, there's not much that we can do about that (that I'm aware  
>> of)...
>>> Perhaps this is the "correct" behavior, but I found it disturbing to
>>> be suddenly taken from an Inkscape window on my root-screen to a
>>> Time Machine backup alert window (ie, I haven't backed up in ten
>>> days---bad) on my Desktop.
> I find that several times a day my system switches from the X screen
> to the Apple screen for a fraction of a second - just long enough
> to lose a few keystrokes and turn "rm -rf /tmp/t" into "rm -rf /"
> (no, that hasn't really happened, but less drastic things have).
> Unfortunately it's too quick for me to be able to see any clue
> as to which program is causing it.
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