[Xquartz-dev] RetroOffice cut and paste follow up

Viv Kendon V.Kendon at leeds.ac.uk
Tue Jan 6 10:16:34 PST 2009

[ From the Re: [Xquartz-dev] 2.3.2-rc4 full screen oddities 

>>>>> Finally, something also appears to have changed with the cut and paste
>>>>> in relation to RetroOffice, I can't find a combination of pasteboard
>>>>> options that allows the ctr-c and ctl-v that should work within the app
>>>>> to function properly.
>>>> How so?
>>> ctl-c on a selection followed by ctl-v pastes something previously copied
>>> from elsewhere in X11 land, or whatever cmd-c last copied.  I have the X11
>>> preferences window open and the only pasteboard option I have checked is
>>> "enable syncing.  So RetroOffice is not copying (or cutting) into the
>>> buffer it then pastes from.  But I'll have to get back to you after I've
>>> had a chance to revert to the previous RetroOffice version and test in a
>>> more vanilla account, log out, reboot, etc., etc..
>> Well, file this bug with Retrooffice then.  If all you have selected is the
>> 'enable syncing' option and no sub option, that's the same as it being
>> completely disabled =/
> RetroOffice doesn't do bugs, it only exists for debugging NeoOffice.  I'm
> testing with it because I can't test at work using the Ooo on linux I first
> had cut+paste problems with, until we are back in the New Year on 5th Jan.
> I'll come back on this one once I've reverted to the previous RetroOffice
> version...it may be it has picked up some NeoOffice code that interacts with
> the Aqua Pasteboard independently of X11, because cmd-v works to paste in
> it...hmmm.

For the record, I did some more testing.  Whatever is going
on is beyond me to figure out.  It works some of the time, 
like when you first fire up RetroOffice and do a few obvious 
things to copy and paste using ctl-c and ctl-v between a 
spreadsheet and a document, and into an xterm using 

Then after a while things go pear-shaped, what worked before 
stops working, PRIMARY reverts to previously copied contents 
depending on what you just did in RO, and what you get with 
cmd-v in Aqua-land is unpredictable regardless of what you 
just did cmd-C on.  I think RO must be fighting with other 
users of the buffers regardless of which X11 preference 
boxes I choose.

I am now back at work and have tested with Ooo running on a 
linux machine but displaying on my mac.  Under 2.3.2-rc3 
(apple27) it behaved pretty reasonably, though I didn't test 
exhaustively.  With installed (apple31) I can get it 
to reproduce almost all the RO strangeness.  The only bit it 
doesn't do is respond to cmd-c and cmd-v.  But I can get 
PRIMARY to revert to previously selected text, for example:

1. highlight something in an xterm window (a single word is 
convenient) and middle click to check it pastes

2. select a cell with contents in an Ooo spreadsheet, do 
ctl-c to copy

3. select an empty cell in the spreadsheet and to ctl-v to 
paste.  Observe that the contents of this cell are now 

4. go to an xterm and middle-click to paste: you get the 
cell contents...

5. go back to Ooo and select any cell.  Observe it is 
selected but not highlighted.

6. go back to the xterm and middle-click: you get the 
previous PRIMARY contents pasted.

Actually, I think it is enough to just highlight the cell 
(e.g., select two cells, then drag back to end up with only 
one highlighted.)

I'm testing with Ooo version 2.4 on the linux box. And for 
these tests I have the X11 preferences with enable syncing 
checked, and then just update PRIMARY when Pasteboard 
changes checked.

But I didn't (explicitly) update Pasteboard at all during 
the sequence above. In fact, if I do update Pasteboard 
(using TextEdit), and verify that I paste the new text into 
the xterm with middle-click, if I then go back to Ooo and 
highlight a cell with contents, paste into the xterm (get 
cell contents) then select a cell (no highlight) paste into 
xterm reverts to the original PRIMARY i.e. the original text 
highlighted in the xterm, not the thing that was since 
copied from TextEdit.

I will have to leave this for now.  I have no idea whether 
any of this mess is a problem in X11, so I'll understand if 
it doesn't get followed up.

-- Viv
Dr Viv Kendon    http://quantum.leeds.ac.uk/~viv
tel: +44 113 343 4864      Physics and Astronomy
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