[Xquartz-dev] Time Machine Backup Alert

Brian Bender zt4q4o402 at sneakemail.com
Thu Jan 8 07:53:06 PST 2009

I just noticed the same loss-of-focus, and it was about a minute
before an iCal reminder popped up. I think this might be at least
somewhat related to applescripted events.

A while ago I figured out that I was causing myself this problem with
a background applescript I had running -- if I would "tell Finder" to
do something, even if I didn't activate it first, the applescript
engine (or Finder itself?) would steal the focus from my X11 window. I
wonder if the iCal reminder stuff is applescript-driven?

 - Brian

On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 3:25 PM, Gene Selkov selkovjr-at-.........
|Xquartz-dev/personal| <...> wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 10:52 PM, Tom Lane <tgl at sss.pgh.pa.us> wrote:
>> I wonder whether this is the same momentary-loss-of-focus issue that
>> I've been griping of for awhile.  I don't use full-screen mode but
>> the loss of a few keystrokes seems about the same.  I've been able
>> to correlate some of the events with iCal alarms (they consistently
>> happen 1 minute before an iCal alarm is due) and I suspect that
>> Time Machine wakeups may cause it too.
> Hi Tom -- nice to see you here -- it's a small planet!
> It may be the same issue, or it may be part of a more general issue, I
> suspect.  I'm not receiving alerts from Time Machine (the external
> disk is not connected), and I have no alarms set in iCal, and I have
> not so far lost a keystroke, but I often lose pointer events when I
> draw in gimp. That shows as gaps in continuous lines. Sometimes,
> there's just a delay (the line remains continuous, but the rendering
> is delayed) but more often, it's a total loss of events -- sometimes
> up to 1/2-second's worth of stylus motion is not reported to gimp.
> That is not as disastrous as when your command is truncated to 'rm -rf
> /', but annoying nonetheless.
> I couldn't correlate that wit anything outside X11, but I often hear
> the disk head jolt at the same time when my stylus events are stolen.
> But it does seem to correlate with another annoying artifact we've
> been discussing.
> I don't have enough data to make any inference, but already 5 times
> during a short session, the drop-outs in stylus events were
> immediately followed by the 100%-CPU idling Christof and I reported
> earlier.
> This time I was able to sample it (attached). Unlike in rc3, in which
> I was not able to bring it back to normal once it got into that
> hot-idling mode, in, It resumes normal behavior after I
> transfer focus to it or do something in gimp (I have no other X11
> clients running at the moment). In one instance, the act of sampling
> seemed to have flicked it back to normal -- which makes me wonder
> whether it is even possible to sample this condition accurately.
> Regards,
> --Gene
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