[Xquartz-dev] libXdamage, compatibility version 3.0.0

Simone Karin Lehmann simone at lisanet.de
Wed Jan 7 13:02:05 PST 2009

Am 07.01.2009 um 20:32 schrieb Jeremy Huddleston:


Wow. Thank you for that very detailed and really helpful answer. This  
cleared up many things to me. Thanks.

> Furthermore, X11 in Macports is getting some updates right now.  I  
> just introduced the system_x11 variant and will soon be moving all  
> the ports to depend on port:xorg-libXXXX rather than  
> lib:libXXXX:xorg-libXXXX.  If you want to continue linking against  
> the system X11, you should set the system_x11 variant globally.  If  
> you want to be extra careful and don't care about bloating your  
> Gimp.app, you can first install the xorg-libs port and have  
> your .app bundle the libs it needs.

and thanks for this hint. Just one more question? If I build GIMP.app  
on a Tiger machine and do not set system_x11, which X server will be  
used and how do launch it? As on Tiger or as on Leopard? (Ok, ok, two  


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