[Xquartz-dev] Copy/Paste ceasing

Peter Collinson pc at hillside.co.uk
Thu Jan 22 05:11:57 PST 2009

This is generally between and xterm and another Mac app. I have a  
Logitech MX mouse so at have at least three buttons.
I do have Enable Key Equivalents set - never bothered to train my body  
to use the Meta key:-)

Here's what I do:

To copy
Cx)	In X11 - point with left button, hold down button and sweep contents
Cm)	In Mac App - Same as above but use Cmd-C to copy

To paste
Px)	In X11 - (point where relevant) and middle click mouse
Pm)	In Mac - create entry point with left mouse button and Cmd-V

99.9% of the time - this just works.
What occasionally happens is that I do Cx - and then attempt Pm - but  
get the old buffer contents.
If I redo Cx - and redo the Pm - but the buffer doesn't change. As I  
said I am generally in the middle of something, so don't stop
and poke about to find out what else isn't happening. It's quicker  
often to kill and restart X11 get the contents
I need again and pick them up.

I suppose it would be helpful to find out if Px works at this point.

On 21 Jan 2009, at 20:14, Jeremy Huddleston wrote:

> On Jan 21, 2009, at 11:00, Peter Collinson wrote:
>> I've had a several occasions in the last week or so when selecting  
>> in an xterm doesn't get into the Apple buffer for pasting. It's  
>> terribly intermittent and I haven't tried to reproduce it.
>> My usual ploy is  to kill X11 and restart - because of course I am  
>> in the middle of something.
>> Is there anything useful I can do when this happens to determine  
>> the cause??
> How are you expecting it to get there?  Are you pressing cmd-c?  Do  
> you have 'enable key equivalents' enabled?  The contents are copied  
> over when you leave X11, so the command 'pbpaste' won't show the new  
> contents.
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