[Xquartz-dev] keyboard/mouse focus issues

Pelle Johansson pelle at morth.org
Fri Oct 16 14:05:18 PDT 2009

16 okt 2009 kl. 20.33 skrev Jeremy Huddleston:

> Did you try nuking the xkb directory with the alpha3 shipped server  
> or using the alpha1 server binary in alpha3?  So many libs changed  
> during alpha1 to alpha3 that I want to eliminate client-side issues.

I tried nuking the directory, no change. The other one is a bit to  
painful for me right now. But I've tested with gdb, the difference  
when it works or not (for keyboard events) is here:

                 /* process slave first, then master */
                 dev->public.processInputProc(event, dev, nevents);

                 if (master && dev->coreEvents)
 >event, master,

The first (slave) call always goes to DeliverFocusedEvent. The master  
one also goes there while the server is not stuck, but when it is that  
call goes to EnqueueEvent. Does this tell you anything?
Pelle Johansson

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