[Xquartz-dev] Input Grab (Input on Focus) issue

Pelle Johansson pelle at morth.org
Tue Oct 27 15:41:13 PDT 2009

27 okt 2009 kl. 23.11 skrev Jeremy Huddleston:

> Hmm... /opt/X11/bin/quartz-wm should be reading  
> org.macosforge.xquartz.X11.plist ... It *defaults* to org.x.X11, but  
> it should pick up org.macosforge.xquartz.X11 from the environment.   
> I have this in main()'s start to handle this case:
>    if((s = getenv("X11_PREFS_DOMAIN")))
>        app_prefs_domain = s;
> and that variable just defaults to org.x.X11...
> What does 'echo $X11_PREFS_DOMAIN' say from one of your xterms?

; echo $X11_PREFS_DOMAIN

What I did was track it with
; sudo fs_usage -f filesys | grep -C 1 X11.plist

When X11 shuts down this happens:

23:27:53  stat64            brary/Preferences/ByHost/ 
org.x.X11.FA45F089-3A9A-56FB-855D-760F7CB82621.plist    0.000007    
23:27:53  stat64            /Users/pelle/Library/Preferences/ 
org.x.X11.plist                                 0.000006   quartz-wm
23:27:53  stat64            ferences/ 
0.000005   quartz-wm
23:27:53  stat64            /Users/pelle/Library/ 
Preferences/.GlobalPreferences.plist                        0.000004    
23:27:53  stat64            /Library/Preferences/ 
org.x.X11.plist                                             0.000003    
23:27:53  stat64            /Library/ 
0.000004   quartz-wm

while clicking an option in the preference panel does:

23:27:37  stat64            /ByHost/ 
.FA45F089-3A9A-56FB-855D-760F7CB82621.plist    0.000006
23:27:37  stat64            /Users/pelle/Library/Preferences/ 
org.macosforge.xquartz.X11.plist                0.000017
23:27:37  stat64            ferences/ 
23:27:37  stat64            /Users/pelle/Library/ 
Preferences/.GlobalPreferences.plist                        0.000005
23:27:37  stat64            /Library/Preferences/ 
org.macosforge.xquartz.X11.plist                            0.000003
23:27:37  stat64            /Library/ 
/.GlobalPreferences.plist                                    0.000004

It's also easy to see that if I change org.x.X11.plist using Property  
List Editor.app and reboot X11 the window behavior changes, while  
changing options in XQuartz actually does nothing.

I've double-checked that it's /opt/X11/bin/quartz-wm that is running  
(only this new one though, I didn't save the old one).
Pelle Johansson

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