[Xquartz-dev] XRandR crash fixed (was Re: XQuartz-2.6.0_alpha1 (SL Only))

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at apple.com
Mon Aug 2 21:51:44 PDT 2010

On Aug 2, 2010, at 19:13, doh123 wrote:

> using this fixed version works much better.. without all the crashing... actually I've tested a ton and it never crashed at all!
> I can open a buncha bug reports if you'd like... i think all the main issues are in the switching from rootless screen 0 to any of the other screens...

Please do.  I have a hitlist in my head (mainly the items I emailed about over the past couple weeks), but it helps to have something "physical"

> or vise versa, and you already said it was disgusting, so you might be expecting all these problems.... so I thought I'd write out what I've seen here first.

Yeah... that's all kinds of ugly, but please list what issues you see in case I am not aware of them.

> Wine still has issues, and quartz-wm I believe.

quartz-wm doesn't really do anything with RandR.

There is one issue I saw where RootlessRepositionWindows goes bonkers and might place a window offscreen... maybe that's what you were seeing.

> Running a fullscreen only game (Neverwinter Nights) all went well, it launched and went into fullscreen and I went in the options it saw all the modes available and i could click through and use each one, very nice! (this game has no window option)
> Running Neverball was a different story...
> If its set to fullscreen at any resolution and I launch the game, it does come up fine, eventually even though its hung on a blue res change screen 5 to 8 seconds... (sometimes very fast, sometimes the blue screen and res changing happens multiple times before the game shows up... and takes over 10 seconds)...

Yeah, I've seen that too... not sure why, but that's really a low priority issue compared to other items.  Still, it would be worth investigating.

> i can change a few screen resolutions around, and it seems to work, but occasionally, usually while going up to a higher res, or back to max screen res, i just see a quick white fullscreen window do the genie effect down to X11.app...

maybe that is related to the RootlessRepositionWindows bug... ?

> the game music keeps playing, but the game is no longer accessible... although the music is still playing and the wine processes are still going along like nothings wrong.  Its not listed in X11 as a running app anymore on the top menu or right clicking the dock icon, though the xterm i started it from thinks its still going.  This same thing happens if I use CMD+H to hide the app... its gone... with the sound still playing, and I can't ev
> er get back to it without killing wine (or ending the process I launched from the xterm) and starting over.  Going back and forth between rootless and fullscreen a few times does this as well...

weird...  Please report this in a bug report.  It will be one of the later issues addressed, but it is something to keep on the horizon.

> When switching from fullscreen back to a window... quartz-wm doesn't kick in... so theres no top bar....

That's not a quartz-wm issue... That's done by the server... so something is probably not happening right with the fullscreen/rootless switching code (surprise surprise)

> when starting in a window and switching to fullscreen, quartz-wm doesn't stop and there is a top bar...

quartz-wm doesn't ever "stop" ... what it does is recognize WM hinting that the app wants to be fullscreen (within the X11 screen).  This works perfectly fine with Firefox, so I'd lean towards this being an issue with wine.

> and there are all kinds of problems with things being drawn in the right place like this.  I'm not sure if this is a Wine issue though... but its not a problem on Linux I've ever noticed.

Yeah, it's probably a combination of problems.  I'd try running with twm as your WM just to see if it does something "better" ... if it does, then it's likely an issue with quartz-wm ... if not, I'd point to wine or the server.

> I'll find some more programs I can use to test with to confirm issues... finding ones that work right in Wine on Linux is my first choice, so the error isn't a Wine issue...
> ohhh... also, I noticed when it changes to fullscreen, xterm windows shift off the bottom so the top bar of their windows are barely on the bottom of the screen and I have to drag them up... didn't know if this was intentional to get them out of the way, but they never come back up on their own.

yeah... this is an "issue" with trying to reposition X11 windows when the OSX resolutions change... it's a non-trivial problem and there is certainly plenty of opportunity for improvement.

> anyways... I'm excited, this is awesome  :-)

Thanks, but many of the props goto Jan for getting the ball rolling on this and working out some of the bugs in the server that were blocking RandR.

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