[Xquartz-dev] XRandR crash fixed (was Re: XQuartz-2.6.0_alpha1 (SL Only))

Per Johansson pelle at morth.org
Tue Aug 3 03:15:02 PDT 2010

3 aug 2010 kl. 04.13 skrev doh123:

> Wine still has issues, and quartz-wm I believe.

I really recommend unchecking "Allow window manager to control the windows" in winecfg, it make wine run much smoother. The only problem is that hiding Xquartz will not hide the windows anymore.

As for RandR, the biggest issue I have is when games crash (which they do since wine is not a real Windows, after all). Then you get stuck in the fullscreen mode with no obvious way to get out of it. Of course, I know about pressing cmd-opt-a to get out, but not sure everyone do. And even if you do that, you also have to know about launching an xterm and using xrandr to revert the mode.

A first good solution would probably be to default "Show menu bar in full screen" to default to on. I think there should also be a menu option to revert to your default mode. Some kind of message on the root window would also be great (I think I've suggested that before).
Per Johansson

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