[Xquartz-dev] question about libpng in recent X11 packages

Dave Ray apple at jonive.com
Thu Oct 21 17:32:55 PDT 2010

I noticed that recent X11 development releases include both libpng12  
and libpng14 in /usr/X11/lib. I think these are conflicting. I was  
having some difficulties compiling some open source apps, and in  
debugging, found that I had to completely prune out libpng12 from there.

libpng14 is backward-compatible with 12, it is hard for me to  
understand why there is a reason for both to be present.

On my system, the following changes improved compiler compatibility:

cd /usr/X11/lib
sudo rm libpng.3* libpng12* libpng.la
sudo ln -s libpng14.la libpng.la



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