[Xquartz-dev] XQuartz 2.7.10_beta1

Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia jeremyhu at apple.com
Sat May 7 02:38:38 PDT 2016

I have just released XQuartz 2.7.10_beta1.  The only changes from 2.7.9 are updates to mesa 11.2.1 and xorg-server 1.18.3.  Note that as with the 2.7.9 betas, this version is built with ASan which will help with error reporting but may have a negative impact on performance.


Due to an issue with akami.bintray.com not satisfying ATS requirements, you may have trouble automatically updating from 2.7.9 to 2.7.10_beta1.  I've already reported the issue to bintray.  If you have issues downloading the update automatically, please do a manual install.


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