[Xquartz-dev] libpng in XQuartz 2.7.10 beta

David Ray apple at jonive.com
Tue May 31 12:54:03 PDT 2016

For a few years I’ve been linking to the PNG libraries in XQuartz when I build PHP. This is because I’m trying to minimize the number of PNG library instances on my system, Apple doesn’t include development lbraries, and I always have XQuartz. I understand this is a “nice to have” feature but never a requirement for XQuartz.

Just wanted to give a heads-up that the PNG development libraries in XQuartz appear to have changed recently and I cannot point to /opt/X11 for PNG development libraries anymore when building PHP. They are failing somehow. I can make a separate PNG installation in /usr/local and point to that when building PHP.

So just checking if the beta versions have a known issue with development libraries for PNG. Again, I understand this is not a requirement for XQuartz, just a convenient feature I would like to keep if possible.


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