[CalendarServer-dev] Debian updated package 4.2

Fredrik Unger fred at tree.se
Tue Feb 18 09:21:06 PST 2014

Hi Patryk,

> Fredrik, I wanted to try your repo, but had a certificate problem.
> Rahul, what is the status of the 5.0 package? Are you working on it?

I also wanted to check the status etc the other day, but never got 
around to finnish the email.
I wanted to pick it up again but I was too busy.

The certificate is just expired, and I have not got around to renew it.
You can still download the packages ? I did not really care to test.

(I used a proper startssl certificate as backend for gnupg over 
smartcard http://article.tree.se/server/identity and I did not want to 
open that can of worms again)

But if there are no news from Rahul or someone else I will give
the new calendarserver a go again (but for sid).

> I've been trying to get the calendarserver to run, but I'm failed.
> I used the repo from https://svn.calendarserver.org/repository/... (5.1)
> on debian wheezy.
> After install of all dependencies and a succfull ./run -s, I was able to
> start the server.

> With ./run -i, I perform a system installation. But at the start of caldavd,
> i got an error
> "ImportError: Twisted requires zope.interface 3.6.0 or later: no module
> named zope.interface."
> zope.interface is installed. I think it is a wrong path definition
> somewhere?! Do you have a tip?

Could it be the version ?
This is a OLD table I made for calendarserver back in Feb 2012 (2 years ago)
The debian package to be installed is 'python-zope.interface' if that 
did not change ?

I think 4.2 with Postgres backend is not too far behind 5.x ?
You could at least just download the debs on https://tree.se/debian/
and install them and play around a bit. setting up the caldavd.plist for 
your needs etc.
IF the devs dissagree, please let me know.

I have it at least running but not in use.

Or you have to wait and hope I get some time to get to it.
I have 2 kids (3 & 6), work, plus a TON of other projects, that have 
produced more feedback than the calendarserver :)

> Was anyone succefull with running a system installation of the
> calendarserver on debian?
> For any suggestions I would be very happy

I am happy for any colaboration.. :)

Depending on your background, if you really know what you are doing you 
can run from svn, otherwise I would suggest using the debs.

BUT disclaimer, before you put real data in the calendarserver, be aware 
that I am not a debian developer, I just do it for fun, and
I just packaged the calendarserver so far. I did not try to do
migrations between versions, although I hope that the calendarserver
developers take care of that without relying too much on the packager


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