[CalendarServer-users] Publishing Calendars

Pascal Robert probert at os.ca
Tue Nov 6 05:12:18 PST 2007

You can still publish calendars by WebDAV like before.  The URL would  
be :


But this means you have the same limits as before : only one person  
can publish, others can only subscribe to it as read-only calendars.   
If you want to use ACL, you have to put your calendars by CalDAV.  It  
seems you can't easily migrate a "standalone" calendar to CalDAV  
(Calendar Server), so I guess you have to copy each event from the  
original calendar to the calendar stored by CalDAV.

As for viewing the calendar by the Web, if you continue to publish  
the calendars per WebDAV you should be able to use any Web app that  
can parse .ics files.  I don't know if someone wrote a Web app to  
display calendars from CalDAV, maybe Cosmo can fetch calendars from  
Calendar Server ?

> Hi,
> I have setup the Calendar Server running on SLES 10 server and it  
> is all
> working correctly with Leopard ica.
> However Using the old ical system I had calendars published to a  
> web server
> for people to see the calendars from any web browser. However as it  
> is now
> setup with the calendar server I do not seem to be able to publish the
> calendar. I presume this is because the each event is now stored in  
> its own
> .ics file and not one .ics file for the entire calendar.
> Is there a way to publish the calendar to a web server to be viewed  
> by any
> web browser?
> Regards
> Damion
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