[CalendarServer-users] time zone of events created on group calendars

Matt Simerson matt at layeredtech.com
Mon Nov 12 14:57:45 PST 2007

I've got 10.5 server installed and Open Directory is configured as a  
standalone master. Our goal is to integrate into an existing AD  
system, but I'm testing iCal against a bunch of test accounts in OD  

I've set up a dozen user accounts in an half dozen groups, mimicking  
the way our company is structured. Using  Directory.app, I've defined  
3 locations for our 3 facilities as well as a few conference rooms. To  
test out the group collaboration features, I set up each group to have  
their own web calendar and I've subscribed a few users to those group  

Then we started adding stuff to the group calendars via the web gui  
and looking at those events in iCal. If I create an event with a  
specific time, sat at 12:00-1:30PM, it shows up properly.

However, create an event and mark it "All day Event."  Then refresh  
iCal and have a look at your event. Instead of showing up an as "all  
day" event, it begins at 6:00PM.  I happen to be in CST, which is  
exactly 6 hours off GMT. The timezone of all machines (OS X 10.5  
clients and server) are all CST and I have found no other mechanism  
for teaching iCal server that those all day events need to be in the  
local time zone.

A bug perhaps?

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