[CalendarServer-users] ics feed from CALDAV

Emil Lundberg Emil.Lundberg at bmc.uu.se
Tue Feb 19 14:01:01 PST 2008

>> Has anyone written something to translate a caldav calendar into ics/
>> webcal format?  A cro job, php script etc.
>> We have a leopard caldav server and would like to use this with older
>> tiger ical clients and with our web pages.  For instance, there are
>> plenty of plugins for things like drupal that can use an an ics feed
>> but not much (well nothing) for caldav.  We are only looking for  
>> read-
>> only.
>> It should be straightforward to create something that grabs all the
>> events from the caldav server and puts them in ics format.  I suppose
>> I could write one using the testing suite as a starting point?  I
>> figure someone must have done this before.
>> (I think I have my terminology right)
> If you do an HTTP GET on the calendar collection (rather than the .ics
> resources within that) the server will return you a single .ics file  
> with
> the "rolled-up" calendar data from all the .ics resources in the  
> collection.
> This provides a read-only view of a CalDAV calendar that non-CalDAV  
> clients
> can subscribe to.

Darn, Cyrus beat me to it :-)

As has been noted before, you can also use this as the subscription  
URL for older clients (even Outlook). E.g.


Note the absence of a traing slash or you will get permission  
problems, at least in iCal.

If you prefer, I believe you can also perform "dumps" of calendar  
collections to .ics file directly in the file system, e.g.

# cat <DCS data root>/calendars/users/mark/calendar/* > /somewhere/ 

Although some users may have privacy issues with that.


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