[CalendarServer-users] shared calendars on Linux

Cyrus Daboo cdaboo at apple.com
Fri Jun 20 11:44:47 PDT 2008

Hi Josh,

--On June 20, 2008 12:35:44 PM -0600 Josh Gentry <jgentry at swcp.com> wrote:

> I have CalendarServer running on Debian Unstable.  Using the XML File
> Directory Service I can create a user and publish a calendar from
> Sunbird.  The next step is to share the calendar.  Here I run into a
> problem.  I have read that for shared calendars to work I'll have to use
> Open Directory Service.  I do not have an OS X server.
> Do I really need to use Open Directory Service for shared calenders?  If
> so, does anyone have Open Directory Service running no Linux?

You don't need OD to share calendars. The only time OD is required is if 
you want to use the delegates (sharing) feature in the iCal client.

That said, what you do have to do is manually setup delegates/sharing 
support. Some of that you can do via the XML file, but it really depends on 
exactly how you want to do this. Cn you describe what it is you want to 

Cyrus Daboo

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