[CalendarServer-users] Attendes from Outside

Gerhard Rauth gerhard.rauth at web.de
Wed Jun 25 03:52:42 PDT 2008

Hi there,

I'm running CalendarServer in the latest Version on my iMac for  
testing. Most is fine. May goal was to have in my calendar in ical the  
appointments both on my iMac and MacBook. Well and some other  
Calendars for resources. If I make new Appointment in the normal  
calendar (not stored on CalDAV) I can invite attendees without  
problem. If I start to type I get people out of the adressbook and  
mail sends perfect. But the first problem is when I schedule an  
appointment with 3 people from my company I have to type the email  
address like it is in teh accounts.xml that CalendarServer will notice  
them. If I just type the name or ID nothing will happen. The next  
problem is that I can't sent to an attendee from outside. Even if I  
drag an drop the vcard to my server based calendar. In the terminal I  
get a message that there was an error during post.

I don't want to have to keep for one appointment 2 records one in the  
normal iCal calendar and one in the server based one. What do I wrong  
- or is it just not possible what I want?

The next problem is that I want to delegate a calendar for reading to  
another person. It looks like it dosn't work with iCal. Is there an  
other way?

Thank you for you help in advance!

Kind Regards


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