[CalendarServer-users] Bad escaping in clients or DCS?

Peter Mogensen apm at one.com
Wed Jun 25 07:42:59 PDT 2008


I tried to do proper escaping of text values when talking to DCS, but  
DQOUTE (") is driving me mad.

As far as I can see from RFC2445  DQOUTE should not be escaped in text 
values, but I have several iCalendar files generated by Apple iCal which 
does escape " to \"

... so if I load such a calendar into DCS vobject adds another backslash 
when reading it out.

The same behaviour is observed with Sunbird. .. Sunbird seems to escape 
to \" before doing PUT, but is not prepared to read the value back.

I would say that the problem is that \" is essentially undefined bu 
RFC2445, since it says:
" A BACKSLASH character (US-ASCII decimal 92) in a "TEXT" property value 
MUST be  escaped with another BACKSLASH character."

So when given \" python-vobject will think that is has an actual \ 
character (followed by ") in the data and need to escape it to \\

So ... either the clients needs to be fixed to not send \" or  DCS 
should detect these unnecessary escape sequences and remove them before 
the event is stored.
... or (of course) I'm wrong and I messed up somewhere :)

kind regards,

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