[CalendarServer-users] CalDAVClientLibrary Kerberos authentication

Ramon Ziai rziai at sfs.uni-tuebingen.de
Mon Apr 20 02:20:10 PDT 2009

Hi Georg,

Georg Troska schrieb:

> I have the same problem on Ubuntu Intrepid. I think it should work with
> clear text passwords and sudoers, but these may not be enabled at the
> same time.
> I tried to enable clear passwords for the configuration, but I was not
> able to change something. Are you?

that doesn't seem to work for me either. And it's a hack at best to add
another less secure authentication method in order to change ACLs.

Are there any plans to add Kerberos authentication to CalDAVClientLibrary?

If not, I'd be willing to start hacking on that. I'm assuming I just
have to add another Authenticator in protocol.http.authentication that
implements the necessary methods and calls the authGSSClient* functions?


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