[CalendarServer-users] monolithic webcal collection? (Greg Day)

JJ div.nabble at demon.cx
Sat May 2 07:39:29 PDT 2009

You could have a look at iCalDAVMerge which I made for this purpose:

Another possible method is given here:
This is good for subscribing to your own calendar with an older client  
for instance.
However to subscribe to other peoples calendars, you would need to  
know their passwords.

> I'm trying to figure out exactly what is meant by monolithic calendar
> subscriptions. CalendarServer works like a charm for all my CalDAV
> stuff, no complaints. But not all my software supports CalDAV. Near  
> as I
> can tell from the CalDAV spec, the CalendarServer docs and config  
> files,
> there's supposed to be a webcal (".ics") subscription feed for all  
> your
> events. It is meant exactly to give /something/ to those clients that
> support subscriptions but not CalDAV. If I go to my caldav server (
> :8008) in a browser, I see a "webcal" link that results in an error  
> when
> clicked, and I'm pretty sure I have monolithic calendar feeds  
> enabled in
> the config.
> So my question is: what would be the URL I use for that feed?

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