[CalendarServer-users] Sharing calendars, events

arun chhetri chhetriarun84 at gmail.com
Tue May 19 12:56:16 PDT 2009

Hi group,
I am done with the code for basic caldav features over the web, but I have
new challenge to finish,,

Due to the big students base and professors request for sharing calendar, I
was looking at  the sharing of events done in ical, which is pretty clean
It has some of the features like when  you add an attendee for an event, the
other person can say may be, decline, accept,,,

now I am working on that part and have no idea where to start,,,

So, my questions are
1) How can I share my event or calendar with other user which is on same
     The discovery of user is prettry easy, but how do i share event or
calendar with him

 2) When I share an event with other user X and use my web interface to read
the calendar for user X, It shows the shared event, same as the user X
personnel events, so my question is how can i differentiate user X's
personnel events with shared events. Specifically does shared event has some
specific property in caldav which I am missing.

Specifically, I want sth very close to iCal,
Please suggest any part which I can study, or some XML query example will
really help

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