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Pascal Robert probert at macti.ca
Tue May 19 13:08:37 PDT 2009

Le 09-05-19 à 15:56, arun chhetri a écrit :

> Hi group,
> I am done with the code for basic caldav features over the web, but  
> I have new challenge to finish,,

Are you working on a CalDAV  client or a CalDAV server ? Which  
development environment?

> Due to the big students base and professors request for sharing  
> calendar, I was looking at  the sharing of events done in ical,  
> which is pretty clean stuff,,
> It has some of the features like when  you add an attendee for an  
> event, the other person can say may be, decline, accept,,,
> now I am working on that part and have no idea where to start,,,
> So, my questions are
> 1) How can I share my event or calendar with other user which is on  
> same lDap,,
>      The discovery of user is prettry easy, but how do i share event  
> or calendar with him

Either you share your whole calendar with others, or you have to add  
attendee by doing a POST request. Check :


>  2) When I share an event with other user X and use my web interface  
> to read the calendar for user X, It shows the shared event, same as  
> the user X personnel events, so my question is how can i  
> differentiate user X's personnel events with shared events.  
> Specifically does shared event has some specific property in caldav  
> which I am missing.

You shouldn't share event, you share a calendar (collection) or you  
invite attendee and check the status of each attendee.

> Specifically, I want sth very close to iCal,
> Please suggest any part which I can study, or some XML query example  
> will really help
> Thanks
> Arun
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