[CalendarServer-users] iCal can no longer see server's calendars

John Lockwood johnwlockwood at gmail.com
Fri Aug 13 21:05:17 PDT 2010

On 13 Aug 2010, at 09:58, Daniele Procida wrote:

>* Until yesterday, my server worked perfectly well.*>* *>* I use one user, called home, which has a number of calendars.*>* *>* Yesterday they all disappeared from iCal. iCal can still connect, and create and find new calendars and events. This affects every machine I try to connect to the server with.*>* *>* I can see all the calendars at :8008/calendars/users/home/ on the server, and the events in them, but only ones I have created since yesterday are visible in iCal. I'd really love to get the old ones back!*
I am pretty sure now that the problem is that xattr data has been lost
(after a server problem), not just on the collections, but on the .ics
files too.

I've seen a workaround from Cyrus on how to deal with this:


but it hasn't worked for me.

guess what. in CalendarServer/contrib/tools/ there is a tool called

This utility will add xattrs to the specified directories and their contents
to make them appear to be calendars and calendar resources when used with
iCal Server.

It can be used to fix xattrs lost as a result of restoring an iCal
Server document
root without properly preserving the xattrs.

from the terminal you would run:

> ./fix_calendar path-to-calendar

and bam! fixed xattrs

found this while browsing the code. :)


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