[CalendarServer-users] iCal can no longer see server's calendars

Daniele Procida procida at cf.ac.uk
Sat Aug 14 01:39:41 PDT 2010

On 14 Aug 2010, at 05:05, John Lockwood wrote:

>  I can see all the calendars at :8008/calendars/users/home/ on the server, and the events in them, but only ones I have created since yesterday are visible in iCal. I'd really love to get the old ones back!
> I am pretty sure now that the problem is that xattr data has been lost (after a server problem), not just on the collections, but on the .ics files too.
> I've seen a workaround from Cyrus on how to deal with this:
> <
> http://lists.apple.com/archives/ical-server/2007/Nov/msg00036.html
> >
> but it hasn't worked for me.
> guess what. in CalendarServer/contrib/tools/ there is a tool called fix_calendar.
> Description:
> This utility will add xattrs to the specified directories and their contents
> to make them appear to be calendars and calendar resources when used with
> iCal Server.

Oh, that would have saved me a lot of trouble! I shall remember it for next time.

Still, the method I used also worked (eventually): dragging the .ics files from the server filesystem onto new server calendars in iCal.


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