[CalendarServer-users] invalid tokens and a missing setuptools

Conrad Wasmer conrad at wasmer.homeip.net
Mon Aug 30 09:20:02 PDT 2010

In reading my own last note, I see that my original problem was likely
because of some error in my caldavd-dev.plist file. Perhaps there's been a
change in the structure of that, or I somehow managed to create an error of
some sort by adding an invalid line. Either way, I can go back and fix that
using the sample caldavd-test.plist as my model, if need be. 

The larger
question for me now is how I get around the python dateutil build error. I
have sought to resolve this in a number of ways, including setting up a
whole new installations of CalendarServer in their own directories - both
from trunk and the latest stable release, CalendarServer-2.4. In each case,
when I get to this part of the run script, it fails.  

Is there another
way to build DCS's dateutil so that it's already present and the run script
can skip it? Or any other suggestions? 

I am running on mac os x 10.6.4

Thanks all! 

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