[CalendarServer-users] DCS 2.4: synching proxied calendars on iphone 3G / 4

Jochen jochen.lau at welschbillig-moehn.de
Sat May 21 11:23:15 PDT 2011


I managed to successfully setup the calendarserver version 2.4 for (currently) two users on Mac OS X 10.6.
Both users use ical version 4.0.4 (1395.7) and in ical  each of them can see the other users calendars as delegates.
Both users can insert appointments into each others calendars.  So far, so good.

On the iphones (each user has one) there have been caldav-accounts created. 
But when synching over wlan (not using iTunes!),
only the calendars are updated which are owned by the user of the iPhone.
It looks like the ios client doesn't evaluate the proxies/delegate information for the caldav accounts of the iphones.
Can anyone help me with this ?



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