[darwinbuild] Building root/header packages

Michael Franz mvfranz at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 05:37:27 PDT 2005

Thanks!  I will have to try this tonight!

On 7/25/05, Kevin Van Vechten <kevin at opendarwin.org> wrote:
> Yes, the 0.6 release which I've just announced, performs chroot
> builds by default.  In order to deal with bootstrapping new builds, a
> new -depsbuild parameter has been added.  This parameter specifies
> which build should be used to populate the BuildRoot.
> So, to build the new launchd sources for 10.4.2 (8C46) before all
> those roots become available, do the following:
> # mkdir /tmp/BuildTest && cd /tmp/BuildTest
> # darwinbuild -init 8C46
> # darwinbuild -depsbuild=8A428 launchd
> There are some additional details on the DarwinBuild website:
> <http://www.opendarwin.org/projects/darwinbuild/doc/tools/index.html>.
> - Kevin

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