[darwinbuild] how to build the Security project?

Ben Zhu Ben at tricipher.com
Wed Nov 16 12:11:53 PST 2005


Thanks so much for great help.

1. I have checked my system. The productVersion is 10.4.3 and
BuildVersion is 8F46. I just checked the website
http://release.opendarwin.org/release/8.3.1/Sources. There is no such a

I just ran:
# darwinbuild -inti 8F46
# darwinbuild Security

The Security-24844.tar.gz file was used and the build was failed.

So is there a patch I need for 8F46?

2. For the command # ditto Roots/Security/Security-222.root~1 /
  Which dirs will be affected?

3. "Keep in mind that the open source Security framework is slightly
different from the Mac OS X one."

Can you give me a little more details what is the difference?

4. "If you haven't modified the framework itself and are only trying to

install the private headers, then you might want to consider removing
the framework's dylib from the Roots directory before installing on
the base system."

I am not clear if I can use my success 8A428 build in my 10.4.3 OS X?
Do I need to back up the framework first?

Thanks a lot again,

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